Learning Lighting

Recently I completed a four week class at Glazer’s on Studio Lighting. This class was held 1 night a week for 4 weeks and covered:

Basic lighting theory
Use and safety of hot lights
Working with studio strobes and modifiers
Combining daylight and strobes

It was a FANTASTIC class and Bill was the best teacher – he spoke in terms easy to understand and was patient with all class members (those who had no lighting experience/knowledge at all and those who knew quite a bit more but wanted to fill in some gaps – I fell somewhere in between these two).

Here are a few shots of Bill in the various lighting set up’s he taught us. I had a great time playing with the studio strobes and pocket wizards! Enjoy what I saw in class….

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One response to “Learning Lighting”

  1. Erika Sheehan says :

    For some reason the “Zoolander” photo will not load, and when I try to delete it, it deletes that plus all the photos after it, ugh! Still trying to figure out this WordPress business!

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