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Black and White New York City

If you follow me long enough, you’ll see I have a fascination with New York City.  My first visit there was in 1995 and I have been back 15 times since then. Some of my favorite things to do in the city are, of course, see Broadway shows, go shopping and every time I’m there I just have to walk around and people watch and see what I can see.  So here are some shots of what I have seen in New York the past few times I’ve visited.



New Orleans doors and windows

I recently spent some time in New Orleans for the PPA Imaging USA convention and trade show. When I had a little free time I took a walk through the French Quarter and the Warehouse District, where I was staying. I felt drawn to many of the doors and windows I was seeing, the textures and colors were mesmerizing.

Enjoy what I saw in NOLA!

Getting started!

Welcome to my new blog! Now, what should I put here?

Simply – I will put what I see:

*What I see when I travel
*What I see when I’m with my family and friends
*What I see when I’m going about my day
*What I see when I’m photographing family portrait sessions or other custom photography sessions
*What I see when I’m volunteering at Youth Theatre Northwest
*Or just what I see when it’s something I think is totally cool and worth sharing with you!

I hope you will like what you see here, welcome and please feel free to leave me a comment!