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Annual Camping Trip

A few weeks ago was the annual camping trip of this group of friends and family that has been happening in some form or another for well over 40 years now. I love hanging out with this group of crazy people! We always seem to have a great time just relaxing, reading, sunbathing, going for hikes, having campfires and roasting marshmellows! It’s truly a “village” environment where everyone watches out for and helps out everyone else. Dinners are communal, watching each other’s children just happens, no one has to ask. Need something? I’m sure Diane, Mike or Ed has it! Wanna take a nap for a little bit, no one will bother you, unless it’s happy hour, then the call goes out, drinks are mixed and merriment ensues!

Enjoy the annual camping trip!


In home family portraits

I realize it’s only September, but it’s not to early to start planning for the holidays! New this year, I am offering a Home For The Holidays special. I will come to your home for a comfy family portrait session (in your holiday pajamas maybe?) and you will receive a beautiful 8″x10″ image suitable for framing and 25 holiday cards* to send to your loved ones. Call now to secure your session!

*Additional images and card sets available for purchase

Family Fun On The Beach

This growing family of three (soon to be four) and I had a great time on a recent sunny Saturday afternoon. We had not discussed clothing choices before hand, but when I arrived and saw them in their matching blue and white outfits and the beautiful cloudless blue sky, I knew we were going to get some striking images.

Enjoy our day at the beach!

Blue Angels in Seattle

Now that summer is “officially” over (although in Seattle we are still in the midst of some record breaking weather – so far 44 days in a row of no measurable rain) I wanted to post some shots from a few weeks ago when Seattle was celebrating it’s annual summer tradition of Sea-FairĀ . My brother and his wife are lucky enough to have a beautiful house that overlooks Lake Washington so they invited friends and family over to enjoy some yummy BBQ and watch the Blue Angels. I remember walking down to the lake as a child to watch this annual (well – mostly) event and getting to share some special “police officer” grapes with one of Seattle’s finest. (With my mother’s approval – otherwise the rule was never to take food from a stranger!). I’m so excited that my 2 year old nephew will have these memories of parties on the deck and the amazing stunts of the Blue Angels to think back on when he is grown.

Enjoy what I saw when the Blue Angels came to town!

LaConner, WA

Last week I joined up with an annual camping trip of family and friends (most I have known my entire life). We usually head east of the mountains for the big camping shin-dig, but this year there were too many people that were going to have to come and go, so we figured we’d stay a little closer to Seattle to make it easier on everyone. We settled on the Thousand Trails campgrounds in LaConner, WA. The sites we had were closer to the big open field in the middle of the campgrounds (when camping with children aged 2 months to 17 years old, it’s best to be close to the playground!). The campgrounds run right up to the water on Skagit Bay and I took a couple of walks down there. The first walk was a few hours before sunset when the reflections on the water were spectacular. The second walk was a couple of days later right as the sun was quickly falling behind the mountains.

Enjoy what I saw in LaConner!

Family Photo

This was in the house of the family I photographed today, I loved it and had to grab the shot just for myself.

Enjoy what I saw at the C family’s house today: