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Lunch break

I’m at a photography lecture by Rick Sammon, sponsored by Canon & Glazer’s today. On our lunch break I snapped a few shots with my iPhone.






More Holga

While I was in New York, I also shot a roll of black and white film on the Holga, I really like the way these shots turned out!  (Also, as expected nothing turned up on the Brownie Starflex negatives, so I have a very cute decoration for my bookcase instead of a working antique camera, oh well, I gave it a good try.)

Enjoy what else I saw in New York:

Family Photo

This was in the house of the family I photographed today, I loved it and had to grab the shot just for myself.

Enjoy what I saw at the C family’s house today:

Time Stands Still

I have been thinking about this quote from the Broadway show Time Stands Still recently. It pretty much sums up how I feel when I press the shutter release.

“When I look through that little rectangle…Time stops. It just…All the noise around me…Everything cuts out. And all I see…is the picture.” – Time Stands Still (Donald Margulies)



Back in October, while visiting my aunt in Portland, OR, she gave me her old Brownie Starflex camera.I thought it would be really fun to shoot with this “antique”. I found the 127 film needed at both Freestyle Photo in Los Angeles, CA and B&H in New York. The film is quite spendy (about $10-$14 per roll of 12 exposures), so I just bought a couple of rolls to see what I ‘d get. There was no guarantee this camera was still working after sitting in an attic for so many years. The first roll I shot was black and white and I was able to get a couple of semi-decent shots, but nothing I thought was worth sharing. The color roll produced nothing once developed. I don’t know if it was the film, the developing or operator error. I’ve got two more rolls currently being developed, if anything shows up, I will share them here.

I was still interested in shooting with film though, and thought I’d try out a “toy” camera, so I purchased the all plastic 35mm film Holga. (I got the 35mm format because I thought this is an experiment and the film and developing might be more cost effective this way). I’ve been really curious to see what kind of images I could get with something so simple.

Last week I was back in my favorite city, New York. The sun was shining so I thought it was a perfect time to break out the Holga and see what I could get. I’m still figuring out the focus settings (as you can tell, some of the shots are completely blurry vs. the others that are only somewhat blurry – which is the desired outcome). So here are a few of my favorite shots from my first color roll. I’ve got a black and white roll being developed and two more color rolls to shoot. Stay tuned!

Enjoy what I saw through my Holga…

Learning Lighting

Recently I completed a four week class at Glazer’s on Studio Lighting. This class was held 1 night a week for 4 weeks and covered:

Basic lighting theory
Use and safety of hot lights
Working with studio strobes and modifiers
Combining daylight and strobes

It was a FANTASTIC class and Bill was the best teacher – he spoke in terms easy to understand and was patient with all class members (those who had no lighting experience/knowledge at all and those who knew quite a bit more but wanted to fill in some gaps – I fell somewhere in between these two).

Here are a few shots of Bill in the various lighting set up’s he taught us. I had a great time playing with the studio strobes and pocket wizards! Enjoy what I saw in class….