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More Holga

While I was in New York, I also shot a roll of black and white film on the Holga, I really like the way these shots turned out!  (Also, as expected nothing turned up on the Brownie Starflex negatives, so I have a very cute decoration for my bookcase instead of a working antique camera, oh well, I gave it a good try.)

Enjoy what else I saw in New York:



Back in October, while visiting my aunt in Portland, OR, she gave me her old Brownie Starflex camera.I thought it would be really fun to shoot with this “antique”. I found the 127 film needed at both Freestyle Photo in Los Angeles, CA and B&H in New York. The film is quite spendy (about $10-$14 per roll of 12 exposures), so I just bought a couple of rolls to see what I ‘d get. There was no guarantee this camera was still working after sitting in an attic for so many years. The first roll I shot was black and white and I was able to get a couple of semi-decent shots, but nothing I thought was worth sharing. The color roll produced nothing once developed. I don’t know if it was the film, the developing or operator error. I’ve got two more rolls currently being developed, if anything shows up, I will share them here.

I was still interested in shooting with film though, and thought I’d try out a “toy” camera, so I purchased the all plastic 35mm film Holga. (I got the 35mm format because I thought this is an experiment and the film and developing might be more cost effective this way). I’ve been really curious to see what kind of images I could get with something so simple.

Last week I was back in my favorite city, New York. The sun was shining so I thought it was a perfect time to break out the Holga and see what I could get. I’m still figuring out the focus settings (as you can tell, some of the shots are completely blurry vs. the others that are only somewhat blurry – which is the desired outcome). So here are a few of my favorite shots from my first color roll. I’ve got a black and white roll being developed and two more color rolls to shoot. Stay tuned!

Enjoy what I saw through my Holga…