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Rainy Saturday

It’s a cold and rainy day here in Seattle today. Instead of doing real work (my taxes, finishing unpacking boxes, organizing my office) I grabbed my camera and got a few shots from the dry comfort of my home sweet home. Enjoy what I saw today!











Ahhh, Fall!

I love Fall, it is my absolute favorite season and here in Seattle this year we have been spoiled beyond belief by amazing weather sticking around well into October! I was recently driving home and passed this park by my house, I had to jump out and snap a few shots.



I made a quick trip to Polson, Montana last week. Here are a few shots I got a little bit before sunset and then at sunrise the next morning. I have only been to Montana a couple of brief times, but this time I really felt like it reminded me quite a bit of Switzerland – with the ┬ámountains and the valley, just so beautiful!

Enjoy what I saw in Montana: