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It is officially Spring in Seattle, which makes me very happy! I’m going to ignore the fact that the weather app on my phone shows rain clouds coming later this week and enjoy the dry day and blooms that are popping up.

Here is what I saw at University Village today… (take note that I took these photos with my iPhone and enhanced using the Best Camera app)



And the theatre nerd in me loved the window signs at Land of Nod…



Youth Theatre Northwest

For a time in my life, I was a stage manager for a children’s theatre in Mercer Island, WA (just a couple of miles from Seattle). Since I have become a professional photographer, I have been back to the theatre several times to volunteer shooting some of their classes and productions for the theatre to use in their brochures and other marketing materials. I love this volunteer gig, because not only do I get a sneak peak at the shows (I usually photograph a dress rehearsal) it keeps me in involved in the theatre community I love so much!

Recently, the artistic director of the theatre asked if I could shoot a dance rehearsal for Urinetown, The Musical. She was looking for shots of the kids as well as some of her directing. That posed a unique challenge, how do you photograph someone directing and choreographing a dance number and try not to catch them in an unflattering position? I hope I did her justice.

A couple of weeks later, on rare non-rainy day in Seattle, she and I went to the Washington Park Arboretum to take some headshots for her portfolio.  We agreed that the contrast of her pink sweater and the green grass were the most stunning of all we shot.

Here’s what I saw at Youth Theatre Northwest and at the Arboretum,

PS – Urinetown, The Musical plays until March 25 – I HIGHLY recommend you run out and see it!! You will not be disappointed!